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We enjoyed the house hunting and buying process, working with Brooke Fajardo each and every moment. This is hard to believe, since this process is one of the most stressful experiences in life. Brooke has such knowledge and attention to every detail, that makes the client feel confident and at ease.

As a business owner of a very technical and regulated industry, I am well aware of how important details are, and Brooke doesn’t miss any. Her in-depth knowledge in parallel with her optimistic personality and excellent customer service, results in the best professional in the real estate industry. She acts as more of a consultant, very professional, and not a sales person. I would recommend Brooke for any real estate transaction large or small.

Marilyn Stengle, Owner, VMX International


My financials were ready to go, and I was referred to an excellent realtor to work with in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Brooke first received me for an hour to go over the details of what I was looking for. Searching properties to purchase, my first impression was that she is a courteous, listening, methodical, efficient, eloquent, knowledgeable and professional real estate agent.

She gathered a relevant list of diverse properties to discuss and provided me online access to narrow down on the selection to visit. They were located as far as Canton and Plymouth by choice. Then, she brought me on a tour for a few hours and she was flexible with my schedule. She was always reachable by phone. At the time, she also had another 4 or 5 customers to service, and was impressive with her great time management skills.

Once I decided on a property, she walked me through a detailed buying process first understanding its market value and including inspections, insurances, maintenance costs and offer strategies. She helped maintain my position with the sellers and it was a smooth experience closing the contract. Her only mistake was that she got me a Spartan house in Wolverine country and I'm a Cardinal...

Many thanks for the Champagne, Brooke! I would not have done it successfully any other way, and would recommend her services to anyone looking for the perfect real estate journey.

Jean-Michel Esclafer De La Rode, Chateau Owner 


Brooke Fajardo was our Realtor for our home on Towner Blvd. in Ann Arbor.  It's a bit hard to put into words everything Brooke did for us, the list would go on for days.  From the moment she was recommended until well after the closing she was our most helpful/productive businesswoman and friend.  She works so hard for her clients, it will knock your socks off.  She is also, fast, accurate, professional. personable, accessible, proactive and responsive.

She was able to inspect the property, get us the perfect pricing structure, give precise. relevant suggestions to improve our worth all within days.  She suggested contractors to help complete the work and when we had a bathroom flood literally stayed with us while we called the plumber, insurance company and the contractors.  She didn't leave until we had everything in place and all the resources to clean up and repair the flood.

She gave us a reasonable shopping list (and even suggested specific stores where our dollars would go the farthest) for staging the house and even came over to make beds and arrange items her self!  She handled the perfect open house and extensive advertising.  The house looked spectacular when she finished.  We had multiple offers within days and Brooke got us more than the asking price.  Her hard work paid off.  We sold well above those in our neighborhood.

As far as we are concerned she is Realtor times two. She even brought us a basket of dog toys for our Spaniels!

Brooke is sympathetic, positive, effective and professional, all the while being personable and charming.  She took a difficult process and made it quite doable and profitable. We recommend her without hesitation as your next Realtor.

John, Ann Arbor


Being a first time home buyer, Brooke was a great person to work with. She's knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. She communicates with you throughout the whole process and answers any questions that you may have. 

I decided to buy when I started my job in Ann Arbor. I couldn't fathom the thought of spending so much money on rent and made the big decision to buy. 

I wanted to explore all my options and started looking at places outside of Ann Arbor. Brooke was more than happy to show me as many houses as possible. When all in all she probably knew I'd end up buying in Ann Arbor. When narrowing it down to two places, Brooke gave me information about the area and value to help me make my final decision.  She was patient enough to show me one of the places three times.  When making my offer I was glad to have Brooke as my agent, she made me feel comfortable in putting in a much lower offer than the listing price. Overall she got me a great deal and I'm extremely happy on how everything turned out. 

It was a pleasure working with Brooke. She's diligent, responsive and very flexible working around her clients schedules. I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family. 

Chelsea Servoss, UofM Hospital


Brooke helped turn an overwhelming experience into something good for my husband and me.  She had to overcome several hurdles in helping us purchase our home:  We were moving sight-unseen from North Carolina on a very tight schedule, and we were first-time homeowners, dealing with a VA loan with the challenge of securing financing.  She helped us through each step of the process, trying to soften any blows while still being up-front and honest with us. Brooke went above and beyond any expectations we had imagined; she truly is the reason we now are able to put down roots in our new home.  Brooke isn't just a realtor; she's a miracle-worker.

Marcus & Julie Sherman


Brooke was my realtor when I sold my home in Ann Arbor in December of 2015. I can say without any hesitation that she was the absolute best realtor that I ever worked with!  She was very helpful in providing feedback on ways I could make my home more marketable.  After following her advice, I sold my home in two days at full price!  She was most often  immediately available to address any concerns I had or answer any questions I came up with.  If she was not available she would return my call promptly.  Brooke always stayed on top of every facet of the transaction and made sure that everything went very smoothly.  She's a true gem!

Sandra Bolton


I’m so glad I had Brooke as my agent when I decided to purchase a home. She provided the information I needed to get the ball rolling and she was always available to answer any questions. The thing I like most about Brooke is she took the time to get to know me and my daughter and was able to send listings that suited our needs. And any time I wanted to see a property I just gave her a call and she made it happen. Brooke was very knowledgeable about the properties and the market in general, and I felt she gave us honest, expert opinion. The entire process was pretty quick and seamless. I would highly recommend Brooke to anyone seriously looking to buy a home.

Sherri Akuezue, Happy Homeowner


I highly recommend Brooke for your real estate transaction. We continue to be impressed by her kindness, responsiveness, helpful insights and impressive follow-through on questions we had and issues both during and after the process.   

I can't say enough about Brooke's professionalism, true caring nature, and knowledge. She brings all these qualities to the table for her clients, not just in the real estate transaction, but in the transition to their new home and community. We purchased a home with Brooke in 2015. Full disclosure – I found her through friendly connections in my community, but that didn't detract from how she handled our transaction. Throughout the home buying process, Brooke was extremely responsive, thoughtful and honest in her recommendations to us. She was adventurous and curious when we decided not to buy in neighborhoods she was familiar with, gamely accompanying me to homes closer to my new office in order to find us a place that was right for my husband and I. Brooke leverage her talents and her network in order to provide us the information we needed to make a decision that we felt very comfortable with. Even when the deal seemed impossible, she soldiered on, pushing appropriately in directions that benefited both parties in the end.  She even went so far as to buy us a very thoughtful gift for the week we moved in.  

I can confidently say that when prepare to sell our home – she will be the first person I contact.

Jim & Melissa Wagner


I had the best experience purchasing a new home with The Charles Reinhart Company and more specifically Brooke Fajardo. The entire process from initial contact to closing and even after closing the communication was just outstanding.  I submitted an online question about a property and within 15 minutes or so Brooke contacted me.  I was actually kind of amazed that I got any kind of response and so quickly. I explained that I had gotten new job and was relocating and didn’t know the Ann Arbor area very well, not only did she send me a personal congratulations email after our phone conversation but during the call seem genuinely excited for me that I had such an opportunity.  Right from the start I felt at complete ease with Brooke and it was like working with someone I had known for years. 

She even put me in touch with someone from her office to call me and get a realtor lined up to help me sell my house in Lansing.  I was just blown away by the customer service that I received.  Sure enough I got a call from her office and they put me in touch with realtor Karen Gekle from Thomas Raines Realty who also was an absolute pleasure.  Karen came over with a day or two and told me what I would need to do to get my house on the market.  Literally the day after my house went on the market I had 4 showings and an offer.  Karen also caught that my taxes were non-homestead from my purchase of my first house and let me know that I needed to get it adjusted which ended up with me getting a check cut back to me.

I could hardly believe my luck then I realized it was much more that luck but fate that had put me with such a great team of people and it all started with Brooke.

It was a breath of fresh air to have someone who had absolutely outstanding follow up and communications skills to help me along with the process. Brooke made sure that I knew that she was there to help me make the right decision. The personal attention and the promptness for every question that I emailed or texted with an almost instant response was very much appreciated.  Brooke is so kind and thoughtful that she even checked on me when I was moving in bought pizza for my father and I for dinner and brought me a care package.  I can’t say even good things about her. 

Holly Benac, Barracuda Networks


This letter is to let you know about the outstanding service Brooke Fajardo provided to us during out recent purchase of a home in Ypsilanti. We have worked with several real estate agents at various times in the past and have had experiences that range from mediocre to unsatisfactory. Brooke’s services were head and shoulders above any other real estate professional with whom we’ve ever worked. She is honest, hard-working, organized, extremely helpful, responsive, and utterly professional. She also understands the local market exceedingly well.

Due to the previous bad experiences we have had with realtors, we were nervous about trying to find a new one. I simply walked into the Reinhart office one day because I was aware of Reinhart’s reputation in the community and was impressed by how many open houses I see conducted by Reinhart agents around our neighborhood. Brooke wasn’t scheduled to be in the office that day but happened to be there. She sat down with me for over an hour to discuss what I was looking for both in a house and an agent. She understood my needs and made a great effort to explain how she works with clients. I felt like she listened intently and was genuinely interested in and excited about helping us out. I left there that day feeling enthusiastic and confident that it was going to be a successful home buying process.

We went through the process of looking at a few properties, but then I found out that one of my co-workers/friends was about to put their house on the market. I was interested and worked things out to put an offer on their house before they listed it. The seller decided not to use a real estate agent and didn’t have the experience in selling the a house on her own. During the process, Brooke went above and beyond by not only providing all the necessary assistance to me as her client, but was also willing to provide assistance to the seller so the process would be as smooth as possible.

I cannot say enough positive things about Brooke and the services she provided. I will recommend her to anyone that I know that is looking to purchase or sell a home in this area. Also, I have plans on buying more properties in the future and I will continue to have Brooke as my real estate agent as long as she stays in the business.

Jeff and Jenny Bernhard, very satisfied clients

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